Safaricom FLEX bundle plans

By dialing *100# and *200# for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers respectively, Safaricom subscribers are able to enter a new world where their usage of a particular service, be it calling, texting or browsing, is what dictates what they get from the bundle they’re subscribed to. Starting mid last year, they can also do so from the Safaricom mobile app.

Using either of the means described above brings about the following options that one can pick from depending on the amount of airtime they have and the anticipated use case:


  • Ksh 50
  • Ksh 99


  • Kshs 599 gets one 700 FLEX points (which can account for upto 2,100MBs, 14,000 seconds or 2,100 SMS)


  • Kshs 999 gets one 1,100 FLEX points (which can account for up to 3,300MBs, 22,000 seconds or 3,300 SMS)
  • Kshs 1,499 gets one 1,700 FLEX points (which can account for up to 5,100MBs, 34,000 seconds or 5,100 SMS)
  • Kshs 1,999 gets one 2,700 FLEX points (which can account for up to 8,100MBs, 54,000 seconds or 8,100 SMS)
  • Kshs 2,499 gets one 3,500 FLEX points (which can account for up to 10,500MBs, 70,000 seconds or 10,500 SMS)

Note: using the mySafaricom app, one is only limited to subscribing to the weekly and monthly FLEX bundles. You’ll need to use the respective short codes in order to subscribe to the daily bundles.


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