End of the road for Opera VPN

#allbadthingsmustcometoanend… That long hashtag. Remember it? If you don’t and you’re an avid follower of popular television shows then let me rejig your memory (if you’re not you can find something else meaningful to do on here): it was the campaign tag for the season finale of one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Breaking Bad. Essentially, it insinuated, at least before we all got to watch that epic finale anyway, the end of the road for Heisenberg. You know, because ideally, evil should never trump good, no matter what.

That is the exact opposite in Opera’s world where, it seems, their preferred mode of operation must go by the tag #allgoodthingsmustcometoanend internally. I mean what’s with the axing of all the fan favourites? I get it, Opera has new owners who are all aggressive and pursuing profit-making ventures and all but… First it was the hallowed Opera Max. Guess what’s next? Opera VPN.


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Yeah, that app that is still deserving of all the glowing praise I poured upon it when I reviewed it alongside four others that did similar stuff, most of which have since fallen by the wayside (just check the updates I have been making to that article), will be no more soon.

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A statement posted on the Opera VPN website notifies users that beginning April 30th 2018, Opera VPN will be no more.

Unlike Opera Max, the other app that fell on the wayside recently thanks to Opera’s ruthless axe, which got a lifeline when Samsung picked it up for an undisclosed amount, Opera VPN is dead dead. Well, unless you’re one of the few that belong to Opera’s exclusive club of paying subscribers: Opera Gold. Those ones get an upgrade to SurfEasy Ultra, a paid VPN service.

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Don’t fret, I’ve also just heard about Opera Gold for the first time while writing what you’re reading now. My attempts at googling what it is ended when Wikipedia told me it’s a music university in London.

If you’re neither an Opera Gold member nor eager to move to another VPN app (there are very few deserving your love out there) then you can still move to SurfEasy Ultra by following the instructions in your current Opera VPN app through which you will get an 80% discount and get “unlimited usage on up to five devices, access to 28 regions and a strict no-log policy.” It’s not the best deal given what we’ve been used but it’s what we have to work with going forward.

RIP Olaf.

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