Nokia smartphones that support JTL Faiba 4G

Jamii Telecommunications Limited’s (JTL) introduction of 4G LTE services in the country back in 2017 came with something new, at least locally: making calls over the same 4G LTE network instead of over 2G or 3G connections as had always been the case with mobile networks. This is, simply, what we refer to as VoLTE, voice over LTE.

Advantages of VoLTE include better quality voice calls, the ability to simultaneously make calls while at the same time browsing the internet (ever noticed how the internet on your phone usually disconnects when you make or receive a phone call?), among others.

However, as many were quick to find out once JTL availed its SIMs, not every mobile device out there was welcome on its 4G LTE network dubbed Faiba 4G. That is because it used a frequency, 700MHz, in a unique network band (28).

Now, since then, we get overwhelmed with the number of enquiries as to which and which devices either support Faiba 4G’s band 28 or don’t either in the comments here or on social media. To underscore how important that support or knowing about it is to a section of the popular, brands launching their smartphones locally have resorted to providing that information at launch. Or partnering with JTL from the get go. That was the case when Tecno unveiled the Camon 11 late last year. The industry regulator has even been forced to weigh in on the matter.

However, if there is one brand that has not had such struggles since JTL debuted its Faiba 4G network then it is Nokia. Nokia smartphones have long had ready support for band 28 and we are always recommending them to anyone and everyone without having to go through the difficulties of ascertaining whether a device supports or doesn’t support Faiba 4G.

Even then, as you will see below, there is a limit. Not all Nokia smartphones fit the bill. There are some Nokia smartphones that don’t support Faiba 4G.

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Currently, these are the Nokia smartphones that one can comfortably use on Faiba 4G:

Notable omissions from this list include popular devices like the Nokia 5.1 Plus and the Nokia 7.1, both of which, we confirmed do not have certified support for band 28, at least on the models officially available in the country.

In an interesting twist, Nokia 2 users may be disappointed that they won’t be getting Android Pie like everyone else and are cautiously getting Oreo but will be happy to know that their device, dated as it may be, has a leg up on this over the newer Nokia 2.1.

When it starts selling in the market soon, the Nokia 1 Plus will displace the discontinued Nokia 2 as the most affordable Nokia smartphone that supports Faiba 4G as well as, probably, the only Android Go-powered device in the market with such capability.

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