In the absence of Pie, Android Oreo finally makes its way to the Nokia 2

Android 9 Pie will never come to the Nokia 2, at least on an official basis. That much we know.

However, that does not mean that that is the last that everyone who purchased what was then the most affordable Nokia smartphone in the market gets to hear about updates.

HMD Global, the Finnish company that licenses the Nokia brand globally and which is responsible for bringing back a mobile phone brand that many associate or relate with, promised to bring the long-overdue Android Oreo update to the device.

And, like the good Android partner it has been over the last 2 or so years, it has kept its word.

The Android Oreo update is available through Nokia’s website.

It is worth noting that in order to receive the update one will be enrolled in Nokia’s beta program and the process to upgrade to Oreo will resemble this.

“Users should be aware that the performance of Nokia 2 on Oreo may not to be the same level as enjoyed with Nougat. In addition, some applications may not be supported,” a disclaimer on the site warns.

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As earlier explained by HMD Global, the Nokia 2’s meagre resources i.e. limited hardware mean that the user experience is degraded upon upgrading and, as such, the company is not pushing the update to everyone. The upgrade process has been made voluntary and intentional so that everyone making upgrading their devices from Nougat to Oreo knows exactly what they are getting themselves into.

The Nokia had earlier been scheduled to receive Android 8.0 before that move was abandoned in favour of the newer Android 8.1 update. The device’s limited hardware and the fact that it shipped before a “lite” Android build meant for devices like that, Android Go, arrived, means that not only is it ill-suited to handle the demands of Android 9 but it also can’t be helped. Its successor, the Nokia 2.1 recently became one of the very first smartphones to get the Go edition of Android 9 Pie.

Kenya is not listed as one of the countries where the update is not available so all should be well for any Nokia 2 users (and they should be many) in Kenya who feel like a little adventure won’t hurt them.

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