Check out these heavily discounted battery-charging accessories on Infinix Mall

Battery charging accessories

Smartphones have become the heartbeats of our lives, but they are only part of the bigger story. To get the most out of these powerful handhelds, you need them to stay alive for the longest time possible and if not, getting back on the road whenever the battery dies shouldn’t take ages.

If you are in the market for some battery charging gear, Infinix Mall has a bunch of cool accessories going at discounted prices yet they promise a lot, including charging multiple devices simultaneously, among them your friend’s iPhone.

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Infinix XA01 Fast Charger

Infinix XA01 Fast Charger

Usually priced at Kshs 999, the Infinix XA01 Fast Charger can be had for just Kshs 599. For this, you walk away with a brick that has two charging ports capable of outputting the same 12W.

Infinix says this fast charger supports the so-called Smart IC, a feature that auto-detects and provides the required output for the connected device.

Even better is that you can use this charging brick with a wide range of devices ranging from Androids, iPhones, and iPads to Power Banks, Bluetooth speakers, and other USB-powered devices.

No USB cable accompanies this brick, meaning you have to get one separately. If interested in a cool USB cable, read on.

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Infinix Original Charger CQ 18AX

Buy Infinix Charger CQ 18AX

I’m pretty sure Infinix could have done better on the naming part, but that aside, the CQ 18AX charger is also going for a discounted price of Kshs 299, down from Kshs 599. Unlike the XA01, this one only supports a single output, but the delivery of power is even faster at 18W.

Of course, the charging phone must also support 18W fast charging, otherwise, the juice will be delivered at speeds the phone is capable to handle.

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Infinix XPL03 microUSB cable

Infinix XPL03 microUSB cable

If you are in the market for a new microUSB cable, the Infinix XPL03 is one good one. At a price of Kshs 299, down from Kshs 999, Infinix says this cable won’t break easily thanks to the use of a PVC body with a nylon cover that makes it almost damage-proof.

In addition, the metallic heads connecting to the phone and charging brick are oxidized to better stand against wear and tear. The heavily protected earth wire also promises safe charging while the reduced resistance ensures the current flow is stable, which is a great environment for safe and fast charging your phone’s battery.

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Infinix XPL04 USB Type-C cable

Infinix XPL04 USB Type-C cable

Today, a good number of phones have dropped the aging microUSB port in favor of the future-proof USB Type-C or simple USB-C. If your phone has the latest connector and you are in the market for a USB-C cable, the Infinix XPL04 USB Type-C cable should do you justice, especially now that it has been discounted to Kshs 299, down from the usual Kshs 599.

As per the specs, this cable can output anywhere between 7W and 9W, which is still faster than traditional charging cables.

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Infinix XPL01 multi-USB cable

Infinix XPL01 multi-USB cable

For those with multiple devices, the Infinix XPL01 multi-USB cable is what you need. This cable is a 3-in-1 combo that consists of a microUSB, USB Type-C, and a Lightning cable for the iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. Using the Infinix XPL01 cable, you can charge up to three different devices at the same time, all receiving a maximum of 10W. This isn’t a fast charger, but at 10W, your phone is receiving the most amount of juice that a non-fast charging cable can output.

At Kshs 329, you’ll be saving a cool Kshs 670 on what is a great accessory, so be sure to grab this one via the link below.

Buy Infinix XPL01 multi-USB cable 

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