Safaricom unveils VoLTE with a promise of ultra-clear HD voice and video calls

Safaricom VoLTE

As from today going forward, users of eligible devices on Safaricom will be able to enjoy ultra-clear HD voice calls over 4G LTE network.

The announcement was made today confirming what we already knew was coming back in February 2019, but now we have the full details, including supported devices at launch.

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With VoLTE, which stands for Voice over LTE, Safaricom aims to deliver high-quality voice calls over what is already a great network. VoLTE promises greatly improved voice clarity during calls and the background noise is also reduced significantly.

The quality of the call gets even better in cases where both parties have VoLTE in place. Safaricom further notes that such cases can allow callers in 4G locations to switch to a video call seamlessly within the call.

Mother Green is poised to roll out more than 2,000 4G base stations across 47 counties in an effort to ensure that VoLTE isn’t just limited to those in urban centers.

Safaricom becomes the second telco in Kenya to offer VoLTE after Faiba 4G. However, unlike JTL, being the country’s leading telecommunications company, Safaricom’s product is destined to be a hit.

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