Huawei Smart Screen TV with pop-up selfie camera arrives in September

Honor Smart Screen TV

At the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, the Chinese company also announced a Smart Screen TV set to be made official this September 2019.

It marks the first time Huawei has entered the Smart TV business and according to Yu Chengdong, CEO of Consumer Business, Huawei Smart Screen TV will aim to bring your day-to-day activities to the TV through technologies like AI Image Quality Engine, OS Technology, HIAI Engine, Self-developed Smart Chips, Huawei Sound and Cloud Services.

Huawei will equip the Smart Screen TV with three chipsets namely Kirin AI, Hongjun Smart, and Gigahome Wi-Fi chips. Even more, the TV will support GPU and Link Turbo, EROFS Super file system, Ark Compiler, and other Huawei smart technologies.

If you thought you’ve seen it all, the said Huawei Smart Screen TV will come with a pop-up selfie camera that supports facial recognition. Up to 8K decoding at 30fps will be on board alongside smart motion tracking capabilities, AI assistant and 5G support, among others.

In terms of software, the OS that was highly touted to be Android’s alternative, HongMeng OS, is expected to power the TV out of the box.

The Huawei Smart Screen TV in question here isn’t to be confused with the Honor Smart TV that is now up for pre-orders in China. Honor is a branch of Huawei that takes premium offerings from Huawei and makes them affordable, somehow. This is still the case for the Smart Screen TV business, where the Honor model is said to skimp on a few features compared to the Huawei model.

We have no word on if and when Huawei Smart Screen TVs will arrive in Kenya, but we do expect them at some point.

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