Xiaomi snaps up the new MediaTek Helio G90T chipset for its budget gaming phone

Xiaomi MediaTek G90T-1

Smartphone chipset maker MediaTek today unveiled a pair of new Helio G90 gaming chipsets targeting the budget gamer. Even before the dust settles, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will be taking one of the chipsets onboard, the Helio G90T, for its next gaming phone.

So far, all gaming-centric smartphones have Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets due to their GPU superiority, but with the Helio G90 family, MediaTek aims to bridge the gap that has existed between high-end and budget phones as far as gaming is concerned.

Xiaomi now says it’s readying a gaming smartphone based on the Helio G90T chipset. The Chinese vendor isn’t new to gaming phones following the launch of the Black Shark and its successor, Black Shark 2. These two are hard to come by, though, but Xiaomi seems eager to make gaming phones mainstream and at affordable prices.

According to Manu Jain via his Twitter account, Xiaomi India managing director, the company will “launch a phone with the incredible, high-performance G90T. Get ready for the ultimate gaming!” This has also been echoed by MediaTek General Manager, TL Lee, who confirmed to The Mobile Indian that Xiaomi will be the first to use the G90 series chipsets in smartphones.

The Helio G90T is an octa-core chipset that partly includes the 7nm Cortex-A76 core and the superior Mali-G76 GPU. The chipset can support up to 10GB of RAM and up to 64MP main camera.

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Just to prove how powerful the Helio G90T is, MediaTek compared it to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 730G and apparently, the G90T is more powerful than both Qualcomm chipsets. Granted, Xiaomi should be able to deliver a truly powerful gaming smartphone on the cheap, but we don’t know when this device will arrive.

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