Google Play Pass is a thing and it’s coming soon

Have you ever bought an app on the Google Play Store?

What if, instead of just one app or buying various apps separately you could get a number of them for a flat fee?

In a nutshell, that is what Google Play Pass, Google’s upcoming long-rumoured app subscription service, is all about.

Google Play Pass subscribers will have access to premium apps and games on the Google Play Store for a small monthly fee. Something like Apple Arcade but for both the usual apps as well as games. Or at least all the early leaks point us towards making such a conclusion.

Now, Google has confirmed the existence of the long-rumoured subscription service in a tweet on the Google Play account.

While we don’t have a specific timeline, that we’ve been told it’s “coming soon” should be something, right?

Much as it is hard to not get excited about such a development, for those of us in Kenya, the places that Google and its types (especially Google) usually treat as afterthoughts, we might have to wait until the service is made official for us to know whether to be excited or not.

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Google has traditionally kept away most of its new services, especially ones that require payment of some form from users, from Kenya and the region and it doesn’t even try to hide the fact. Sure there’s the bit where we are not known for being the biggest spenders on internet services but that is quickly changing thanks to platforms like M-Pesa. Heck, Kenyans are purchasing, on average, 5,200 applications from the Google Play Store every month using M-Pesa Xpress.

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