Xiaomi Mi Box S Android Pie update rolling out

The Xiaomi Mi Box S, one of the go-to media streaming devices running on Android for anyone on a budget, is getting its long-awaited Android 9 upgrade.

The update, which clocks in at around 600 megabytes, is showing up on devices in various regions around the world so Mi Box S users can look forward to it showing up wherever they are any time.

According to reports, however, some may want to hold a bit and wait for Xiaomi to fix any of the bugs that crop up.

Already, there are multiple reports of Chromecast functionality on the popular digital media player failing.

However, other features that users had longed for, like the ability to take screenshots without needing to use peripheral devices, have also been included, finally. Now, all that one needs to do is use the shortcut in the restart menu.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Amazon Prime Video app is also preloaded with the update.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S’ Android 9 update has been under public testing for over 2 months. The few users that managed to opt in to the beta (and hadn’t updated to beta 3) as well as everyone else who owns a unit, are now receiving the update and this should continue for the next few weeks.

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Last Decemeber, a few months after it started rolling out the same on smartphones and tablets, Google finally announced Android 10 for Android TV. Until when that update becomes available over the next half-year, everyone should be content with Android TV based on Android 9 Pie.

If patience is not your strongest suit, you can download the update here and sort yourself out [you can follow instructions on how to go about that at the end of this article].

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