Here’s how to enable WhatsApp dark mode

Dark mode has finally come to WhatsApp for everyone.

This is after months of both private and public testing.

In January, WhatsApp let users publicly try out its new dark theme before finally turning the dial and allowing everyone to join the party.

On Android, which is where our concerns and loyalties lie, dark mode won’t simply be a black and white high contrast affair. No. As you’ll be quick to note immediately after switching, Android users are getting a darker shade of grey instead to help the eyes from the strain that comes with the contrasting that would otherwise be experienced in a black-white setup.

Now, how do you get it?


As we had earlier noted when the public beta dropped, if you’re already on Android 10 and have set your device to use the system-wide dark mode setting, you don’t need to do anything else. WhatsApp simply adapts since the default theme setting is for, well, “system default”.

For those that enjoy their devices just the way they are, there are few steps to take:

1. Tap the 3 dots that are visible from the main chat window

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Chats

4. Under Display, in the resulting screen, go to Theme

5. Choose Dark theme


In order to be able to access such features beforehand in the future, one can simply join WhatsApp’s public beta channel.

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