Samsung will now let you trade in your old phone for a Galaxy S21 in Kenya

Samsung is letting those who are interested in snagging its latest flagship smartphones in the Galaxy S21 series by exchanging them with their existing devices.

As always, there is a catch.

The catch here is that, obviously, the device being traded in for a Galaxy S21 series phone has to be a Samsung. And not just any Samsung. It must belong to either one of Samsung’s high-end smartphone lineups: Galaxy S or Galaxy Note.

Those who purchased or own the Samsung Galaxy A80 are also in luck as it can be traded in for any of the shiny new devices.

The other catch? As is often always the case with trade-ins (whether it’s a phone or a car or something else), just prepare yourself psychologically for the reality of the device you’ve owned and cherished for a while to get a low valuation figure. Samsung says that it will be offering cash discounts of up to Kshs 28,000.

There are many variables in the valuation equation that will end up with one’s old Samsung smartphone fetching the Kshs 28,000 off from the purchase of a Galaxy S21 series device but, being the higher figure, that is to say that users/owners of recent devices like those in the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series are the ones most likely to get close to that figure, a far cry from the initial cost of those devices which can be as high as three-quarters of the amount Samsung is offering. Things should move quickly downhill from there for those with older devices – anyone still holding on to their trusty Galaxy S8?

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Samsung started selling the Galaxy S21 series in Kenya last month.

The recommended retail pricing of the Galaxy S21 series, at least at launch, was as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (512GB) – Kshs 170,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB) – Kshs 154,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ – Kshs 125,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 (256GB)  – Kshs 106,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB) – Kshs 100,000

Will you be trading in your old Galaxy for the new ones?

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