24Bit episode 37: The horrors of Finance Act 2021

Calling rates are up across all of Kenya’s three main network operators (here are the rates by both Safaricom and Telkom Kenya. You can find Airtel Kenya’s here). Data (both mobile data and home internet) and SMS costs are up too.

Don’t get me started on the new charges added to what you’re levied every time you take a mobile loan – which are very popular in Kenya.

Obviously, all of this has to do with the sweeping changes that have come about ever since Finance Act 2021 was signed into law by President Kenyatta and went into effect at the start of the month.

What does all of this mean to you? Will it result in a slowdown of the uptake of the fast-growing mobile loan products in the country? Will it lead to a slower uptake of solutions like home internet? Will we be making fewer calls?

Dickson, Kanali and I dissect Finance Act 2021 in episode 3 of the fourth season of the 24Bit podcast from a lay person’s point of view. If you’re a lawyer, we could use your comments below or on social media.

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