Nokia X20 gets Android 13 developer preview

Following the I/O developer conference from Google where the company announced the second Beta of Android 13 to eligible Pixel devices, several Android OEMs including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Asus are also now rolling out the update to their respective platforms.

Nokia was also among the OEMs mentioned as being first in rolling out the update, but we did not yet know which specific model was getting the Android 13 treatment first. That changes today, with the company updating its website, indicating that the Nokia X20 will be the first Nokia phone to run Android 13.

It is worth noting that Nokia calls the update a developer preview rather than a beta, which might be an indication that the software is not yet as polished as they would like, and a few bugs might be expected in one or two places.

Furthermore, once you have made the update to the Android 13 developer preview, trying to get a downgrade to Android 12 will wipe out all your data, therefore ensure you make a backup before making the switch to the new OS version.

If you are rocking the Nokia X20 and want to try out the Android 13 DP;

  • Open the ‘My Device’ app on your device
  • Click the Support banner at the bottom and click ‘Android developer preview’
  • The app will check the device’s IMEI for eligibility
  • Agree to the software licence terms and conditions
  • Confirm and wait for the update

The new update will then arrive as an over the air update within 12 hours of enrolment. However, if you are in a hurry and want to force the update, follow the following instructions;

  • After enrolment, wait for 20 minutes then proceed as below
  • Head over to settings
  • Choose About phone
  • The system updates
  • You can then request the build from here once the Android 13 DP is synced with your device’s IMEI
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You can also request the downgrade to Android 12 from the My Device app,  but as already mentioned, you will lose all your data.

Android 13, codenamed ‘Tiramisu’ should get the full release sometime in August this year. With Android 12 bringing significant changes with the Material You UI, Android 13 is not supposed to introduce other radical changes, but instead, build on what Android 12 brought to the table.

You can take a look at this article, where we covered what the Android 13 Beta 1 brought to the Pixel devices.

Stephen Taylor, Nokia’s Chief marketing officer, recently said the company is committed to offering up to three years of OS updates and also three years of security updates, which makes the HMD owned company among the best in the Android scene in terms of offering software support to already sold devices.

Therefore, if you are the type of person that likes to keep a phone for several years, Nokia is a choice you might consider, especially if you take into consideration that they rarely bloat the Android OS with their own apps and unwanted programs.

You get the closest experience to vanilla Android compared to other OEMs operating in the same price bracket like Xiaomi, OPPO and even Samsung.

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