How to add the 2022 FIFA World Cup fixtures to your Google Calendar

So, it’s that time, once every four years, when we get to enjoy the beautiful game, almost uninterrupted, everyday for about a month as nations battle other nations on the field of play. And, eventually, one of them gets to walk away with the golden trophy you can see above. This time around, it is a USD 220 billion show that the tiny Gulf nation of Qatar is putting on for the whole world to see – and experience.

For those of us who are stuck here for whatever reasons (mostly because we can’t afford to go to Qatar), despite the odd timing of the World Cup this time around, we will still want to catch a game or two when we can. Since we are firmly in the digital age, there is no need keeping a paper with all the fixtures around like we used to do 20 years ago (yes, I was watching a World Cup 2 decades ago). All of that can be synced nicely in your online calendar. If you are like yours truly, your Google Calendar. Right next to your work meetings, dates, road trips and anything else you usually put on your calendar.

There are many calendar apps and services out there but, for most people, the Google Calendar app, by the mere fact that it comes pre-installed by default on most Android devices since it is part of the Google app suite, is what is the most familiar and, also, easily accessible. Personally for me, it’s also a favourite. It just works. No bells and whistles, just does its job (and goes home – LOL). So, for the purposes of this article, it’s our entire focus.

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While the likes of the (English) Premier League and Formula One do a good job offering e-calendars on their official websites, FIFA hasn’t offered such a thing. You can either see the fixtures on its site or download this big document with the fixtures. Surely!

Now, what to do?

Click here.

The above link will take you direct to the web version of your Google Calendar if you open it on a desktop computer. It may or may not do the same on a smartphone. In some instances, it may launch the Google Calendar app on your mobile device. Whichever the case, accept the on-screen instructions and, voila! The 2022 FIFA World Cup fixtures will be added to your Google Calendar.

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