Popular video editing app LumaFusion finally arrives on Android for everyone

For long, LumaFusion has been the darling of Apple’s App Store as a popular choice for iPhone and iPad users looking to edit videos on their devices. This is thanks to its effectiveness as a mobile video editor and its feature-rich platform.

LumaFusion allows users to load up to 12 tracks (6 audio, 6 video) on the editor, a magnetic timeline, preset effects, custom effects and the ability to cut/copy and paste across projects. It also supports other essential video editing features like a green screen. Slow-motion videos and 18fps to 240fps videos are also supported. The ability to import data from external devices like attached USB-based storage media as well as cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive and the likes, makes it a big draw for creators on the go as well as ordinary users or anyone just getting started on mobile video editing.

Storyblocks, a subscription-based library of royalty-free photos, videos and audio is also built into the app, adding to its usefulness and ease of use on top of its already legendary reputation of playing nice with touch screens.

Now, the app that has been feted on iOS and iPadOS has made its way to Android (and ChromeOS).

The arrival on the Android platform by LumaFusion is not unexpected. A year ago, the app’s makers, LumaTouch, had promised to release the app on Android. That roadmap became a little clearer at the start of the year when, during its launch of its 2022 flagship devices, including its Galaxy Tab S series tablets, Samsung announced that the app would be debuting on those tablets (specifically, the Galaxy Tab S8 series) within the first half of the year.

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The said tablets got the app through Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store.

Months later, the application, though still in beta, is finally available for access on other Android smartphones and tablets, whether they are made by Samsung or not, doesn’t matter. An early access version of the app is available for download and installation from either the Samsung Galaxy Apps store or the Google Play Store on compatible devices.

LumaFusion will run on compatible devices running at least Android 11.

LumaFusion normally costs US $30 on the Apple App Store but, in the early access period on Android, it will cost $20. This is a one-time purchase and not a subscription, as is popular for apps of LumaFusion’s feature-set and stature.

“Customers who choose to purchase during the open beta will receive the final version at no additional cost when it becomes available,” notes the app’s developer.

As of the time of publishing this article, LumaFusion is yet to show up on either of the aforementioned Android app stores.

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