Nearby Share now appears on the Android 13 clipboard manager

Android 13 has made copying and pasting content more intuitive through the introduction of a floating panel housing the text you have selected, and a way to edit the content before sharing it. To make things better, this floating panel is getting a Nearby Share shortcut right next to it to make it even easier to share your clipboard content across nearby devices.

This change was previewed during Google I/O 2022, but Android expert Mishaal Rahman notes that the update is finally rolling out through a server-side update, meaning there is nothing really that you can do to get the feature earlier than Google intends.

Mishal Rahman had previously already enabled Nearby Share for the clipboard panel by changing some flags, but for the regular users, waiting for a normal update is definitely the smart way to go about it.

In terms of implementation, the Nearby Share shortcut moves to the left of the regular share button, replacing it and removing the edit button. To edit the text you have selected, you will now have to tap the floating panel, which will then bring up the editor.

Nearby Share is a handy feature for those people who juggle multiple devices at the same time, juggling between different phones and computers regularly. It makes copying information from one device to another much faster. Furthermore, it makes it easier to share links or texts with your group of nearby friends.

Nearby Share is not exactly a new feature and does not add any new functionality, but having it in a convenient place makes it easier to use. Previously, you had to tap on the regular share button, and then choose Nearby Share from the array of different options that pop up.

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Here’s a better look at the changes and improvements that Android 13 has introduced.

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