Google Play is now 5 years old

If Google Play was a child in Kenya, it would’ve officially entered school-going age today after it turned 5.

On March 6th, 2012, Google Play replaced what we used to know as the Android Market back in the day. Whereas Android Market was fully focused on Android applications, Google Play was to be a central content hub. Users would be able to buy books, stream music, rent movies and access the largest collection of Android applications in the world.

“Google Play, will now be the centralized hub where all previous services like the Android Market, the Google eBookStore and Google Music will come under one roof. This is an effort to capitalize on the 350 million plus Gmail account holders who have always used either one or two of Google’s services but have thus far not been able to access a unifid portal or hub to access core services like apps, book and movie rentals and purchases and above all music downloads. Google Play is out to do that,” I wrote on my personal blog (temporarily unavailable) back then.

Google Play has grown to surpass the Apple iTunes Store when it comes to the number of applications available to users. The quality of apps available on the Google Play Store has also become better, something that was everyone’s concern back in the day.

Google may not be having a huge sales promotion on Google Play to mark the occasion but quite a number of developers have not held back, offering over a dozen apps for free for the next few days. Here is a roundup of some of the best of such deals that is constantly being updated with the latest app deals.

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