Super Mario runs to Android on March 23rd

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first mobile game, became available for the first time last December. However, it has been limited to just the iOS platform (iPhone and iPad) since then.

All that changes in a few days time when the game becomes available on Android for the very first time. Super Mario Run will debut on Android on March 23rd.

While the confirmation has been made by Nintendo America, which could spell doom for those of us thousands of miles from the United States, there will likely be a way, official or otherwise to get the long-awaited game on Android regardless of region.

It is not clear if Nintendo will be pursuing its freemium model as it already does on iOS where users pay $10 to unlock all its features.

You can stay updated on the availability of Super Mario Run through the Play Store.

UPDATE (23rd March, 2017)

Super Mario Run is finally available on the Play Store.

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