Google I/O 2017 by the numbers

Google I/O 2017

It has become the norm that Google reveals some interesting statistics on its various products and services every year at I/O.

Briefly, here are some of the key numbers that turned our heads at Google I/O 2017:

Android devices

  • 7,200+: the number of people who got to physically witness, first hand, all the happenings at Google I/O in San Francisco this year. I envy them.
  • 82 billion: the number of Android apps downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store in the last one year. Not all time as one can be tempted to think with such a mind-boggling figure around, just the last one year. Massive. To put this into context: that’s 11 apps for every person on the planet.
  • 50 billion: the number of apps in the Google Play Store scanned by Google on a daily basis as it seeks to weed out malware from its content store using Google Play Protect.
  • 2 billion: the number of monthly active Android devices. Google’s first platform to reach such a number. Huge!
  • 1 billion+: the number of users Google has across each of its services like Search, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Google Play and Gmail. Not much has changed here.
  • 1.2 billion+: the number of photos and videos backed up on Google Photos by users every day.
  • 500 million: the number of people who actively use Google Photos every month.
  • 800 million: the number of monthly active users of Google Drive, the cloud storage service.
  • 100 million+: the number of people using Google Assistant on their devices. Growth.
  • 1 million: number of new Android TVs coming online every two months.
  • 3,000: number of Android TV apps in the Google Play Store.
  • 750: the number of terabytes of data saved every day by users who have the Chrome mobile browser data saver feature enabled.
  • 300: number of car models that Android Auto, Google’s car platform, now supports.
  • 191: the number of language varieties currently supported by Google’s keyboard app, Gboard.
  • 50: nearly the number of smartwatches on the Android Wear platform
  • 24: number of watch brands on the Android Wear platform.
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