Android tablets finally get a taste of Microsoft Edge

Edge is Microsoft’s browser which debuted 3 years ago with the rollout of Windows 10. However, until last year, the desktop is the only place Microsoft Edge had been limited to.

It’s been half a year now since the app became available on mobile and, specifically, on the Android platform. Part of the advantage of having it on Android is how it works which is a bit different from most other browsers available on the Google Play Store. My best feature is the ability to send web pages to my laptop from my phone. Since I do quite a lot of reading on my smartphone, this comes in handy since the alternative is to usually rely on the Chrome browser’s sync feature to access pages I’ve read on the phone on my laptop via the browser history. Or to use Pushbullet. Or send the link to myself on Telegram. The only problem is usually that you need to have Edge installed on the desktop as well which can be an issue to all the Chrome lovers out there but is not really an issue to me since I really love the browser.

The problem has been that all this privilege has been limited to Android smartphone users. Starting yesterday, the three remaining people in the world that still have Android tablets are also able to access Edge thanks to the latest update to the app. The same is the case for our friends across the fence whose iPads are also getting some Edge love.

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It should be glorious to read articles on a 7, 8 or 9-incher with Microsoft Edge’s trademark Reading View on.

Download Edge on the Play Store

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