Avechi starts selling Nokia 7 Plus at a bargain, Nokia 8 Sirocco available too

Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco in Kenya

Last month, HMD Global unveiled the latest Nokia handsets in Kenya and among them was the Nokia 7 Plus.

Despite all the goodies that it brings to the fold, our major concern about the Nokia 7 Plus was its pricing. In a market that is purely controlled by price, shelling out Sh 46,000 (RRP) wasn’t going to be an easy undertaking, especially for the savvy buyer who knows that this same amount can score them a flagship handset from a year or so ago (talk of Nokia 8, Xiaomi Mi 6, etc.).

On the brighter side, Avechi has just started selling the Nokia 7 Plus and as usual with the retailer, the pricing is on the low-end, where you only need Sh 37,000 to get your hands on the same phone. If you are feeling a little more philanthropic, the retailer has the 6GB RAM variant going for Sh 40,000.

Buy Nokia 7 Plus on Avechi (4GB)

Buy Nokia 7 Plus on Avechi (6GB)

 At the time of launching the Nokia 7 Plus, the Nokia 8 Sirocco was a no-show, but the phone is now available for purchase on the same platform. Although HMD hasn’t mentioned a thing regarding local pricing, Avechi has listed the Sirocco at Sh 76,000, which is about the same price as what Indians pay for the phone, but way cheaper than the price in Europe, which stands at €749 (about Sh 90,000).

Although cheaper, this is still on the higher side for a device that packs 2017 specs. However, if the Nokia brand and the fact that the Nokia 8 Sirocco has Google’s stamp in the shape of Android One mean anything to you, this figure shouldn’t be a problem.

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Buy Nokia 8 Sirocco on Avechi


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