Safaricom’s Internet Plus plan bundles home internet with mobile data, SMS and voice calls

Safaricom’s Fibre to the Home product dubbed Safaricom Home Fibre, has been around for a while now.

As we have noted before, it is easily one of the best such services that one can access right now, if not the very best. Its only limitation, so far, has been the lack of availability of the service in many areas, something that Safaricom is hard at work to reverse with over 141,000 homes having been passed as of March 2018.

To address the issue of not many areas being covered by the fixed Safaricom Home service (fibre), the company announced new bundles, Easy30 and Easy50, at the start of the year, targeting ordinary home internet users using its own digital media box to either consume content on services like YouTube and Showmax or simply using it as a home Wi-Fi router.

For the Easy30 bundle, one got 30GB data valid for a month at a price of Kshs 3,500. For the Easy50 bundle, one got 50GB data valid for a month and a half (45 days) for Kshs 6,000.

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While that is good and all, there has always been a gap in terms of the way the product is presented, at least to those of us who are subscribers to the fixed Safaricom Home service.

I, for instance, have to part with Kshs 4,999 every other month for my Gold package (20mbps) subscription. Then, since that just sorts out my internet needs in the house, what happens when I am out and about and need to get online either to get some work done while on the go or, you know, the endless Twitter chitchat?

For me, that has always been the tricky part as I have to weigh my options carefully and do some balancing so that I don’t end up spending insane amounts of money on just getting my seemingly insatiable mobile fixes. In the process, I’ve dilly-dallied with Flex since it offers me some kind of flexibility – since my internet needs are mostly catered to by my Home Fibre subscription, I don’t need as much data as is being offered daily. I just need enough to always stay connected while on the go. I also don’t fancy spending more money on calls and SMS. So, to that end, Flex has in some way mostly come through for me. On many other occasions, I have also tried several other products.

Now, with the introduction of a new plan over the weekend dubbed Internet Plus, my woes are probably coming to an end. This is because for just Kshs 5,999 (that’s an extra Kshs 1,000), I now get to have my usual 20mbps Fibre subscription and more – 200 minutes for calls, 4GB mobile data and unlimited SMS. The same is the case for all the other Safaricom Home Fibre package subscriptions, too, as can be seen in the table below:


  • The subscriber gets to keep all the unlimited SMS, voice minutes and mobile data or transfer them to a subscriber of their choice – maybe a friend or a family member.
  • While the Internet Plus plans are available to all Safaricom Home subscribers, they are optional. That is to say, I could continue paying my usual Kshs 4,999 and act like nothing happened and I’ll be just fine.
  • As has been the case so far, subscription to the Internet Plus bundles is through the Home service’s *400# shortcode while payment is [still] strictly via M-Pesa. For instance, in my case, I will need to dial *400# and follow the prompts in order to subscribe to the Gold Plus package.
  • Enquiries for voice minutes and unlimited SMS balance are handled by dialing *100# or *200# while *544# takes care of enquiries related to mobile data balance and such-like resources.
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