This is the official Xiaomi Kenya shop on Jumia

For quite some time, Avechi Kenya was the go-to online retailer for those who wanted to buy a Xiaomi smartphone locally. However, for close to a year now, Xiaomi has had an official online shop on Jumia Kenya, the leading online retailer in the country.

Jumia Kenya has hundreds of small smartphone retailers who ply their trade on the giant platform and this makes it hard to identify which exactly is the real deal. In fact, some of these small retailers are aware that buyers who want to get a Xiaomi phone from the company’s online shop on Jumia will likely be looking for an “Official Xiaomi Store” tagline or something similar.

As a result, you’re likely to come across some of them masquerading as the official Xiaomi store yet they aren’t, as seen below.

So, to make sure that you are buying your next Xiaomi phone from the company’s online shop, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

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  1. Make sure the device in question is sold by Xiaomi KE and not any other fancy retailer. This info can be found under the “Seller information” section of the Jumia app once you open the specific device’s page (left image below). On the web, the information is on your right in the “Sold by” box (right image below).
  2. Unless you are using the Jumia mobile app to shop, bookmark this link or do whatever you can to always have it with you when you want to purchase a Xiaomi phone from Jumia Kenya or when a friend needs one.
  3. The official Xiaomi KE shop has, as of this writing, recorded more than 1000 unit sales, so don’t be confused by those 100+ shops posing as the “official” Xiaomi store on Jumia.

Note that this isn’t to say you shouldn’t buy from other sellers of Xiaomi phones on Jumia Kenya or some other place. However, buying from the company’s official shop gives you the confidence that this is indeed a genuine phone. Besides, it is the only way to be sure that your Xiaomi phone supports 4G LTE connectivity on band 20 and that it runs the global MIUI ROM out of the box.

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