Android Pie stable update for Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus begins rolling out

Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus users have had access to the beta version of Android 9 Pie since January 2019, but this is no more. Reports coming from India confirm that the stable Pie update is now rolling out to the Android One duo as of this writing.

According to the company, the update tags along a redesigned UI, new gestures for navigation, adaptive battery, improved notification management, the latest Android security patch, and so much more.

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Despite being Android One devices, Infinix hasn’t┬áhesitated to throw in some two – or more – interesting privacy features but doesn’t mention them anywhere: Guest Mode and Screen Pinning. Where the former allows you to add multiple user accounts to the device, with each account independent of the other, much like Xiaomi does with Second space, the latter feature lets you lock the device to the currently open screen.

If you have siblings who are always on your Infinix Note 5 Stylus when not using it and you don’t want them to check out your personal stuff, you can create separate accounts for them and they’ll never get near your main account. Of course, you can always get them one of the significantly┬ádiscounted Infinix Smart 2 Pro from Infinix Mall, which also got an update to Pie a couple of weeks ago.

Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus Pie update-1


You can always use this hack when you want to hand someone your phone and you know pretty well they’ll dig deeper to check other stuff, yet you don’t want to deny them that chance to do so while at the same time you don’t want them to find stuff they shouldn’t. You know these kinds right?

Screen Pinning should also serve them right, where you pass someone your phone with the screen locked to the current page, meaning if they want to go back or check out something else on the phone, they’ll need you to unlock the phone first.

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Of course, there are plenty of little, nifty additions that Google has included in the Pie update, so be sure to check them out when the software arrives. Speaking of, the company notes that the rollout is staggered, with the initial update covering a handful of Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus units before spreading out to more.

Once again, the stable update to Android Pie for both Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus has so far been spotted in India, but it shouldn’t take ages to arrive in Kenya, especially since beta testing started at about the same time in the two markets.

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