Safaricom Home Fibre customers are getting free Showmax streaming this April

It’s a new month. Well, it has been for a week now. That being the case, there is the usual stuff that one does in any new month – like paying bills. There’s also the bit where this is not just any other month. It’s April.

Traditionally, April means that school-going children take a break and stay home for the holidays. In the case of April 2019, it’s even more special. This is the month that critically-acclaimed television series Game of Thrones returns for the eighth and final season after a 2-year hiatus. Those of us who are GoT fans, as the show is widely known as, have waited for so long to witness the white walker take over of Westeros.

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Those three factors are important in understanding and putting into proper context a new development: Safaricom has partnered with streaming video on demand service Showmax to allow subscribers of its home internet service access TV shows and movies for free upon renewing their subscription this month.

For Safaricom, schools being closed means that its subscribers who are family people probably require more entertainment options at home and what better means is there besides Showmax? I mean, the service has lots of kids and kids-friendly content and, generally, content for the whole family, whatever age, can be accessed on various devices and can even be downloaded for watching without the internet (say when you travel for Easter).

“The offer is especially targeted at families for the April holiday season as both firms look to appeal to more customers,” notes the company in a statement.

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For Showmax, this is the best opportunity for the platform to showcase its content catalogue to even a wider audience (Safaricom Home Fibre has passed over more than 200,000 Kenyan homes so far with most urban centres in the country already covered, at least partially and more still being connected every day). With all the spoilers that will be hitting social media and everywhere on the world wide web, who wouldn’t want to catch up on what Viserion and the Night King are up to before some random busybody ruins it for them?

Personally, I got this news last week when I dutifully paid my monthly Home Fibre subscription.

As can be seen in the screen grab below, the confirmation text message I got was accompanied by a Showmax voucher for free viewing for a month redeemable by clicking the link therein. This is exactly what everyone who renews their Home Fibre subscription this month will get and it’s also the same way to go about it before embarking on a movie marathon.


Once your month of free access is up, you may want to check out this offer if it will still be there at that time (it’s still there as of writing this).

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