YouTube gets sortable topics, filtering capabilities, and improvements to recommended videos

YouTube update

Google is adding sortable topics and filtering capabilities to the YouTube homepage in the latest update to the popular video sharing platform.

The update is also part of Google’s efforts to address concerns that harmful content has been reaching the wrong audience with the help of YouTube recommendation feature.

In a blog post published on June 26, the search giant says YouTube is receiving three new ways that users can use to fine-tune the content they consume on the platform.

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First is the ability to explore topics and related videos right from the homepage and those in the “Up Next” tab. Second is a filtering feature that lets users remove recommendations of content from channels they don’t subscribe to (see the screenshot below) and last but not least, the new update also provides users with an explanation as to why a certain video was suggested to them.

YouTube remove video suggestions

In the end, Google hopes that these changes will convince users that they have more control over the content they consume on YouTube.

If interested, hit the source link below to read more about these features and see illustrations of how they work. As for when these features will be available, Google hasn’t said a thing, but we expect they’ll start showing up in the next YouTube update.

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