Huawei relaunches the P30 Lite in Kenya with an upgraded camera

Half a year since it launched its 2019 P series lineup in the country, Huawei is refreshing one member of that lineup, the P30 Lite, in the country.

In other markets, Huawei has offered the most affordable member of the P series family complete with a 48-megapixel shooter headlining the triple-lens camera setup that dots the back. In Kenya, the company only offered the variant with a 24-megapixel camera at launch and over the following 6 months.

That is now changing with the eventual availability of the variant with a camera that has twice the number of megapixels found on the main lens on the model that has been available in the Kenyan market.

“The 48MP high-resolution camera uses a proprietary super sampling lossless zoom technology, allowing it to deliver zooming performance equivalent to a professional telephoto lens supporting 2x optical zoom,” the company says in a statement.

The ultra-wide-angle snapper and the depth sensor, at 8 and 2 megapixels respectively, remain unchanged. As do the device’s other features and specifications.

This bare change in the offering is indicated in the new variant P30 Lite’s pricing: it’s going for just Kshs 28,499, a hair below the P30 Lite’s launch retail price back in April and pretty much in line with that device’s discounted pricing ever since.

Competitive as the pricing may be, Huawei’s shiniest new gadget will have to battle it out with new heavy hitters in the market that go for around the same price. Oppo’s newly launched A9 2020 costs just Kshs 1,500 more while a darling of ours, the Samsung Galaxy A50, can be had at multiple outlets online and offline for much less than the new edition P30 Lite’s initial price (case in point). Game on!

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