Deal: Samsung Galaxy A50 down to Kshs 26,000 at Tuskys

Samsung Galaxy A50-5

If you are out to buy a smartphone then devices in Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy A series should be on top of your list.

Not only does the series cover almost all budget segments, it actually does deliver. By going with any device in that series, you are actually getting value for money.

Now, what if someone slashed the price of one of the most outstanding members of that device series by about Kshs 5,000, would that have your attention?

We ask because that is exactly what supermarket chain Tuskys has done as part of its ongoing “Mega Sale”. The Samsung Galaxy A50 is going for Kshs 25,995 at Tuskys.

This is the lowest we have seen the Galaxy A50 priced at here at Android Kenya as far as the tracking we do goes (there could even be some more sweet deals out there – hit us up with the details).

Safaricom has the device priced at Kshs 36,500 while a different vendor at its e-commerce platform, Masoko, has the same device going for just Kshs 99 more than what another vendor at Kilimall offered it for back in June. Depending on your luck, your findings will probably land you something similar elsewhere (Jumia et al).

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While Tuskys regularly has massive sales ongoing as far as consumer electronics go, we don’t bother a lot about those because not many ever show up on their website which currently allows users to shop online as well and have the items delivered either directly at a specified address or picked up at a Tuskys outlet of one’s choosing.

Even better, the device is also eligible for the retailer’s Lipa Polepole layby programme i.e. order and then pay for it in manageable instalments and then pick it up once done.

The Samsung Galaxy A50, as we have noted before, provides the best balance between desirable features that previously one would be forced to pay more to access on Samsung’s premium devices as well as the budget, given these discounted prices that we are seeing. Even at its launch, the recommended retail price of Kshs 30,500 was still reasonable.

The device not only benefits from the impressive specifications and features it packs, but Samsung has also been unrelenting in providing software updates so far. We reported on updates hitting the device back in May and then the following month as well. Not only did they include the expected security patches, they also brought with them features that had been the preserve of more pricey devices in Samsung’s smartphone lineup like Live Focus, video beauty mode and super slow-motion video recording.

In short, much as Samsung’s updates record is not something to brag about, that should be the last of your worries when considering the Galaxy A50 this year.

There is still the small matter of Android 10 but that is a story for another day.

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Other quirks of the device include lack of support for Jamii Telecommunications’ Faiba 4G which is worth noting if you have such a SIM lying around. It does support Safaricom’s VoLTE if that is any consolation. There is also the bit where its repairability score is the worst but hey, when was the last time your DIY exploits led you to tinker with a smartphone with a sealed battery unit?

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