There’s a mobile-only Showmax bundle now for subscribers in Kenya

Streaming video-on-demand platforms are on the rise. For the Kenyan and African, Naspers-owned Showmax is one of the go-to services for those looking to broaden their entertainment options.

Not only does the South African-based service offer the most diverse selection of African content on the internet, it also provides exclusive access to the best TV shows from HBO and has recently teamed up with sibling Multichoice to provide live sports coverage online, on top of an earlier partnership that saw subscribers to DSTV’s premium package get free access to the streaming service.

All that comes at a cost, obviously. For the average Kenyan who may have missed out on the long-running promotional price of Kshs 250 for a quarterly subscription – or Kshs 1,000 per annum for those who played their cards right – parting with Kshs 750 every month, when they are already probably paying for yet another subscription, can be a pain. Especially if one doesn’t spend that much time infront of the TV. Even worse, if, like most Kenyans, their primary and only point of access to the internet, is their mobile phone.

This is why Showmax’s new mobile-only plan should be exciting. It lets users access the streaming service only from their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – at half the price, Kshs 375.

The only downside, though, is that content is only accessible on one device at any given time and in standard definition (SD). Given that Showmax does cache content locally, thanks to partnerships with the likes of Safaricom, and the latter option meaning low bandwidth usage, there should be no hiccups with the streaming or worries about data getting depleted faster.

Users are be able to download content for offline viewing on the device of their choice under the mobile-only plan.

Subscription to the mobile-only plan can be made directly from the Showmax website.

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