Latest WhatsApp update introduces serious battery drain, no fix available

In its latest updates, popular messaging app WhatsApp has gained a number of useful features. Users can no longer be added to random groups by just about anyone. Also, users have an option to enhance the privacy of their chats by turning on fingerprint unlock.

That is all good until one realizes that the newer versions of the application, specifically version 2.19.308, also introduce another headache: unexplained constant battery drain.

I didn’t deem this to be suspicious over the last 2 days that it has been happening given that I had just unboxed a new phone and embarked on the long process to restore my over 300,000 messages.

However, a quick glance at online forums, reveals that this is rather unusual. Far from the norm. Not only have I not see such every other time I am restoring WhatsApp messages on a new device, many other users are also reporting the same happening to them.

The issue appears to be prevalent among users of OnePlus smartphones, of which there should be very few in the country, and less noticeable or non-existent on devices from other brands.

If your device is affected, is there anything you can do about it? As of this moment, not much. WhatsApp has not acknowledged the matter and there is no fix available. Uninstalling and re-installing doesn’t do much to change things. At best, be on the lookout for an update soon that will, hopefully, take things back to normal.

How is the WhatsApp battery drain on your device since updating to the latest version?

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