Latest NVIDIA Shield TV update brings new games, support for new remote

Last year, NVIDIA finally unveiled the long-awaited update to its best-selling Android TV box: the NVIDIA Shield TV.

The new NVIDIA Shield TV arrived in two variations: a dongle-like tube for the base model with just 2GB RAM and 8GB onboard storage and a standard model that is similar to the 2017 one it succeeded (looks, port selection and all) but with AI upscaling and Dolby Vision-Atmos.

The star of the show with the release of the two Android TV boxes, however, is the updated remote that not only has a direct-to-TV infrared blaster, but also does away with the tiny form factor of the 2017 Shield TV’s remove for a more solid, hard-to-lose-on-your-couch sturdy stick, backlit keys and a dedicated Netflix button while still keeping everything we liked about its predecessor like the D-pad and the built-in Google Assistant support.

Now, what happens if you are tired of the ill-thought-out and hard-to-find battery cells that the old remote has and want the peace of mind of knowing a simple pair of AAA batteries from your neighbourhood store will do the trick? Splash $200 on an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro when your current one still works fine? Take advantage of the drop in price of the weaker variant to just have the pleasure of owning and using the new report after parting with $130?

Of course none of those things is an option any of us that is still enjoying the excellent service that the NVIDIA Shield (2015 and 2017 models) still offers. Which is why it is exciting to note that the Shield Experience Upgrade 8.0.2 that NVIDIA is currently rolling out to old Shields makes them compatible with the new remote control on the same day that NVIDIA is availing the remote for standalone purchase on its store. Yay!

Not only that, those whose thirst for gaming is not quenched by NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and/or even installing the Steam app and have an Xbox on the side, they can still use their newly-acquired Xbox Elite 2 controller(s) to game on the old Shield.

Talking about gaming, the latest update brings with it several new games, the most notable of them all being Asphalt 9: Legends. The game, which has taken too long to arrive on the Shield now provides fans of its predecessor, Asphalt 8: Airborne, like yours truly, a chance to get our adrenaline fix from new wheels.

Other features included with the Shield Experience 8.0.2 Upgrade include an updated Plex app, support for Sanscrit USB DAC and the channels DVR app now being able to store recorded content on NAS.

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The update clocks in at just 271 megabytes.

The last big update from NVIDIA to the Shield, Experience 8.0, came half a year ago and brought with it the long-awaited upgrade to Android 10.

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