Pinned lists coming to Twitter for Android

If you like your timeline very well-curated, beyond the filtering you have already done by choosing who to follow and who not to, then lists on Twitter must’ve been a feature you have previously explored.

Even for those that don’t want to curate, Twitter lists can be a fair haven from the chaos and market madness that can be the timeline. Think of them as the one place where you go and just follow certain conversations you’d obviously miss on the main timeline.

However, lists can also be very hard to use. Especially if you have several of them – either of your own or those from other Twitter users that you follow. The location of the lists feature itself, hidden in the slide-out menu, doesn’t help matters at all. I have personally resorted to having my go-to lists pinned on my web browser and forgot that the feature ever exists on the mobile app.

This is why it is exciting to note that Twitter is bringing a feature that has been a long time coming, finally, to users of its Android app: the ability to pin lists.

Twitter began testing the feature last year and eventually rolled it out but it’s been limited to users of iOS devices.

That should be changing pretty soon if what the good people at 9to5Google have uncovered is anything to go by.

Even better, instead of having the said lists, which can comprise of topics as well and not just other Twitter users, pinned in that slide-out menu, there’ll be directly accessible from the main feed as an alternate timeline. Twitter is calling that a “secondary” timeline. That is so much better.

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Our fingers are crossed that this rolls out soon. Haven’t we waited long enough?

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