How to renew your Safaricom Home Fibre via WhatsApp

Safaricom’s home internet service, Safaricom Home, allows subscribers to manage their subscriptions via a number of ways.

Calling 400, using the 400 shortcode (*400#), using the app

You can use Zuri, Safaricom’s chatbot, too.

This has been possible for a while now but with Zuri now available on WhatsApp, the convenience available to subscribers has just stretched a little bit.

Did you know that you can pay your next month’s Safaricom Home Fibre subscription fee right from WhatsApp?

Here’s how:

[First things first, you need to have activated Zuri. Here’s how to do that.]

  • From the main menu, go to option 6 (as of the time of publishing this, it may change in the future), Safaricom Home
  • Select Home Fibre
  • Confirm your mobile phone number – the one tied to your Safaricom Home account
  • Confirm your subscription details as fetched by Zuri from the system
  • Select Renew Current Plan (you can also opt to change plans)
  • You may need to confirm the last step again, if prompted, do so
  • Key in the correct amount for your subscription plan, as indicated
  • Key in your M-Pesa PIN in the resulting (SIM toolkit) pop-up

Chat up Zuri!

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