Google Stadia for Android gets wireless controller support

If you are one of the few people that have access to Google’s cloud gaming platform, Stadia, then here’s some good news. Starting yesterday, June 30th, it is possible to pair the Stadia controller wirelessly with your Android device.

This has been made possible through a software update, available starting yesterday. Users of the Stadia app on the latest version should, as a result, be able to wirelessly pair their Stadia controller with their Android smartphone for gameplay.

“To play games with your Stadia Controller wirelessly, set up your phone and your Stadia Controller on the same Wi-Fi network, launch a game, and follow the pairing instructions on the screen,” a post on Stadia’s community site reads.

Before yesterday, Google Stadia users have had to connect the controller to their Android devices using a cable. The ability to pair the controller wirelessly through Chrome rolled out about 2 months ago.

In June, Google opened up Stadia to all Android smartphones, albeit on an experimental basis (see here the list of officially supported smartphones).

That move, and updates such as this one, as well as the gradual addition of fan favourites to the game catalogue, are laying the foundation for what may turn out to be a strong cloud gaming alternative despite its current status as one of the most based – and deservedly so (for one, it’s a hustle trying to get it to work outside the handful of markets where Stadia is available, our good or bad internet situation notwithstanding).

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