WhatsApp redesigns its storage management tool to save users even more space

Running out of storage thanks to WhatsApp media is more common than most of us may imagine.

Apparently, it is a common complaint the people behind the popular messenger app get that they decided to do something.

WhatsApp’s storage management tool, which usually prompts users when they are running out of storage and offering them options to delete media they may no longer need so as to keep communicating, has received a much-deserved facelift to enhance its functionality.

The difference between what has been there and what’s rolling out over the next few days is that, previously, users couldn’t choose which specific media from a chat to delete. It was just one blanket decision: one is presented with a sort page of all available chats and the amount of space they are taking up and an option to delete any of the media in each chat wholesome. Need to cut down on the inspiration videos someone keeps sharing in your family group? You lose all the videos from that group. Even some happy memories, like that young cousin’s birthday party that you missed.

That’s now changed, something many users should be happy about. WhatsApp will now offer even more detail from the sort page: content that is larger than 5 megabytes, content that has been forwarded too many times etc.

The update is rolling out over the next few days to all of WhatsApp’s users.

Another key feature, disappearing messages, is also expected to become available to everyone over the next few days. Disappearing messages and the new storage management tool should work hand in hand to make WhatsApp usage a better experience especially for users low on memory.

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