Samsung to shut down S Translator service

Samsung is set to discontinue its language translation service S Translator, on December 1, 2020.

S Translator was one of the “S-something” services that Samsung introduced between 2012 and 2013 as it sought to standout in the smartphone market by bundling as many features as it could in its then flagship smartphones such as the legendary Samsung Galaxy SIII and the venerable Samsung Galaxy S4. The same features would, in following months, trickle down to as many Samsung smartphones capable of accommodating them as possible.

The efficacy of the likes of S Translator, however, has always been in question. Especially given that Samsung’s partners like Google and Microsoft have always offered more reliable options.

The exit of S Translator means that Samsung users keen on sticking with the company’s services or not keen on installing yet another app, will have to make do with Bixby which has translation services baked in. For those who are open to exploring the various options available, Google Translate and Microsoft Translator are almost no-brainers.

The discontinuation of S Translator continues a trend we have seen for a while now that, this year, started with the end of life of S Voice, Samsung’s former voice assistant.

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