Time-limited group invites, QR codes, widgets and more coming to Telegram for Android

Telegram is set to roll out a batch of new features to users over the next few weeks.

The new features spotted recently, are currently under testing in the beta version (7.5.0) of the app.

In the coming days, Telegram will join the fray of messenger (and other social) apps that allow users to publicly share quick response (QR) codes for various actions. In this case, it will be for joining groups, arguably Telegram’s most popular feature thanks to allowing more users than most similar apps and services available.

Even better, users and group admins will be able to dictate the time that invites they send to join the said groups last.

Generated QR codes will have Telegram’s logo in the middle, setting them apart from other QR codes out there. It doesn’t look like there will be personalization options (maybe add the group profile picture, for instance) at launch.

The upcoming changes to Telegram also include an Android staple feature: widgets. Telegram widgets will allow users to easily access specific chats and channels directly from the home screen without needing to launch the app and navigating there. The widgets can either be lists or folders (like the way we group apps into folders).

Timed message auto-deleting is also expected to make its way to Telegram groups, granting group admins even more control over the activities going on in the mini hubs they oversee on the platform.

Better yet, group admins, especially of supergroups, will have an easier time now that the upcoming update is set to allow group members to report to them – or other moderators – any offending content (porn, spam, violent content, etc) so that they can take action and make their communities safer. This is especially important now since Telegram is where many are seeking refuge from the fallout over WhatsApp’s new terms of service, set to go into effect in May.

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