Trade-in programme for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series announced in Kenya

If you are looking to get any device under Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 series then we have some good news for you: you can trade-in your old device for any of the shiny new Galaxy S22 series smartphones.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that we don’t know the exact terms of this trade-in programme and have reached out to the concerned parties for further clarification on the same. Previously, we have been made aware of the limits in trade-in value that apply to the old devices submitted in exchange for new Samsung products. That has varied by age and the overall condition of the device being traded-in.

For this, Samsung has partnered with Badili Africa, “a company that focuses on device exchange programmes.”

Those who trade in their old devices will be offered instant cash discounts that will go towards the purchase of any of the Galaxy S22 series smartphones.

“Customers can visit select Authorized dealer stores across the country to get a valuation done of their device and sign off on the trade-in for the new S22 Series device of choice,” Samsung says in a statement.

Samsung has recently started offering the entire Galaxy S22 series for purchase in the country after the lapse of a pre-order period last month that saw over 2,000 units of the flagship series ordered in just a month.

The Galaxy S22 series, unveiled back in February, comprises the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The devices are priced at Kshs 160,000 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra 512GB variant, Kshs 149,000 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra 256GB variant, Kshs 117,000 for the Galaxy S22 Plus and Kshs 99,000 for the standard model Galaxy S22. Both the Galaxy S22 (standard) and Galaxy S22 Plus come in 256GB storage option.

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Depending on the ascertained value of the device being traded in, buyers can expect to pay a little less than the above-stated prices for their purchase.

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