How to get Google Pixel navigation buttons on the Galaxy S8 (without root)

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung overhauled the way users interact with its devices. On the device, users have access to, for the first time, an on-screen home button. It is flanked on either side by two other on-screen buttons: one to take you back to the previous page you visited and another to show open/recent apps. For the first time ever, the buttons can be reconfigured so that you have the back button on the left and the recent apps/task switcher button on the right and vice versa.

That is exciting and all but not as exciting as being able to strip it away and replacing it with what is many an Android platform enthusiast’s favourite device, the Google Pixel.

One of the greatest joys of owning an Android device is the many customization and tinkering options that are available. So tinker and customize we shall. Only that we aren’t really interested in rooting (accessing elevated privileges). Nobody’s got time for that anymore. It’s 2017, after all.

Some clever chap figured out how to make life easy for us.

This is the Google Pixel smartphone:

Google Pixel

Notice those nice white navigation buttons at the bottom?

If you have Samsung’s latest (and greatest) smartphone, the Galaxy S8, you can have them too.


Just download this modification app, install it and reboot your phone.


  • In order to be able to sideload apps, as is required in this case, make sure that you have turned on the option to do so in Settings > Lock screen and security > Unknown sources.
  • While it is pretty much possible to do this on any other Android device, the method outlined here is solely meant for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+.
  • Make sure you reboot your device after installing the modification app otherwise this won’t work.
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Many thanks to XDA Developers senior member @Tigerhoods for coming up with the above awesome mod and sharing it with the rest of us. See the source link below if you need to engage further.

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