The mySafaricom app now has a beta testing program, here’s how to join

The mySafaricom app has thus far amassed more than 1M downloads in the Google Play Store. While this might not represent the exact number of active installs, this figure keeps growing largely because of the nifty little features Safaricom adds to the app with each version upgrade.

As of this writing, the app has received 18 software updates since its launch, some adding new features while others fixing bugs.

We expect even more software updates and features to be added in future. Usually, software developers push new features to the beta versions of their apps before these same features make their way to the stable channel. This is what mySafaricom beta testing program is here to offer – early access to new features.

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If you want to get a taste of these new features and test them ahead of everyone else, like many other apps, mySafaricom app now has a beta program in the Google Play Store and it’s open to all, although it will at some point be closed, obviously, so be sure to hop in ASAP.

How to become a beta tester with mySafaricom app

It’s pretty simple to join mySafaricom beta testing program. Follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your phone
  • Find the mySafaricom app in the app store
  • Scroll down the app’s page and you should see “Become a beta tester” somewhere
  • Right below it, tap on “Join now” to submit your interest

It takes a few minutes to sign up into mySafaricom beta program, so be patient. Once done, the Play Store page should display something like the one captured in the screengrab to the right of the above image. Do note that beta software has unfinished features, meaning they may have buggy performances, so take note of this before joining the beta program.

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How to leave mySafaricom beta program

Speaking of buggy performances, you might find that the beta app isn’t what you expected. How do you leave the program? This question will for sure come up at some point and we’ve got you covered as well.

Follow these steps:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your phone
  • Find the mySafaricom app in the store
  • Scroll down and you should see “You are a beta tester” and right below the text is an option to “Leave” the beta program, as shown below.mysafaricom app beta program-1

Once you are out, you should get back to the latest stable version available in the Google Play Store.

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