Google unveils Gallery Go, a ‘lite’ version of Google Photos that is also available for offline use

Gallery Go

Google has today unveiled a new lightweight app dubbed Gallery Go. The search giant is posing Gallery Go as a lite version of the popular Google Photos app that will also be able to work offline.

Since it’s an understudy to the full-blown Google Photos app, the new photo app borrows many of the best features of the former with an aim of making them available in markets where the lightweight Android Go Edition is widespread.

We are looking at India, Africa and other emerging markets where Android Go devices are on the rise but access to mobile data is still a costly affair for many. The fact that Google Photos needs a stable data connection to be at its best has always been a limiting factor in these markets. Google hopes that Gallery Go will help bridge this gap.

“Gallery Go was designed to work offline, to help you manage your photos using less data. And at just 10 MB, the app won’t slow down your phone and leaves space to store more memories,” part of the blog post reads.

Google says Gallery Go uses machine language to organize and make your photos look great. Using the app, you can find, edit and manage photos when offline. Of course, we expect the app to get more features in future updates.

As long as you have Android 8.1 Oreo and above, Gallery Go is available for download via the Google Play Store worldwide, although some features like organizing photos by people are yet to be released in all countries.

Gallery Go
Gallery Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

It’s likely that future Android Go phones will come with Gallery Go pre-installed.

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