24Bit episode 33: Buying a computer? Here’s what to look out for!

Whether you are a small business person, a student or, just someone who does a normal 8 (or 9) to 5, there comes a time when need arises for proper desktop class computing.

You know, something beyond your phone. Yes, your smartphone can do pretty much everything but it is not what you will turn to in order to do some drawing and design for your college unit or some payroll processing at the office. Or, for the creators, you might want something more than what mobile devices offer so as to streamline your workflow which may include some scripts, video editing, sound mixing, colour correction and more. In such cases, the machine you end up picking goes a long way in determining the desired output.

For many of us, that is what stands between us and a paycheck. For others, a college diploma or degree in the short term with a long term goal of, well, a paycheck.

In episode 33 of the 24Bit podcast, Dickson, Nixon and myself look at some of the things to consider when in the market for either a new or used computer.

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