Infinix said to be working on 160W fast-charging for its next generation devices

Ultra-fast charging is all the rage today. Actually, it has been so for about a year now with the latest developments quickly eclipsing and dwarfing the things we marvelled at just a few years ago.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has demoed 200W fast-charging that sees a device go from 0 to 100% in just 8 minutes using a wired charger.

Here at Android Kenya, the most we have seen on a device we have laid our hands on is the 65W fast-charging achieved on the Oppo Reno5 using the accessories included in the device’s retail packaging, courtesy of the company’s proprietary SuperVOOC tech. That sees the device fully juiced up from nothing in about 50 minutes.

The brand has also delivered 125W fast-charging, already.

Infinix, a key player in the local and African smartphone market, is said to be joining the ultra-fast charging race with its own 160W ‘Ultra Flash Charge’ charging brick.

According to XDA Developers, details of this move are scanty at the moment and all there is to back up any such claims is a photo (see above) of a charging brick with Infinix’s branding.

Should this be on its way, it could level the playing field if it hits the market at the same time as Xiaomi’s teased 200W fast-charging. If it gets out earlier, it could alter the landscape in Infinix’s favour in a big way, especially in areas where the brand has a huge presence and the competition has to double down their efforts to keep up.

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