Samsung Galaxy Note 10 prices leaked and it’s nothing unusual

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 10

With less than a month between now and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we already know quite a lot about the device through the many leaks doing rounds on the web. In fact, all that remains is for Samsung to unveil the device and give us a price tag. Or maybe we don’t even need Samsung to do so thanks to, once again, LEAKS.

Apparently, the Galaxy Note 10 will be priced at a cool €999 in Europe whereas the Galaxy Note 10+ will be priced at €1,149. These figures will give you the base storage of 256GB for either model, but we can’t be sure whether they’ll prevail in other markets as well.

When converted, the base model of the Note 10 could cost north of Kshs 115,000 while the Note 10+ could set you back a staggering Kshs 133,000.

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Last year, the Galaxy Note 9 was priced at €999, but this gave you 128GB storage. For the same price, the Galaxy Note 10 will offer double the storage alongside a flurry of other improvements. However, be ready to deal with a missing 3.5mm audio jack.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price leak

Given that the €999 price tag in Europe resulted in a price tag of Kshs 105,000 for the Note 9 when it arrived in Kenya, we can only hope that the same will be retained when the Note 10 arrives these sides, but it looks less likely.

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